Cybex Gazelle S vs UPPAbaby Vista V2

The Cybex Gazelle S and the UPPAbaby Vista V2 are considered the premium tandem double prams in Australia. Both of them are convertible double prams, hailing from premium global brands. Which one is best for you?

In this article, we take a look at the main features of each pram to help you decide between them. 

Note: The terms 'Bassinet' and 'Carry Cot' are used interchangeably in this article. They refer to the same thing. 'Bassinet' is US terminology, 'Carry Cot' is UK/Europe terminology.


Cybex is a German brand that was formed in the early 2000's, primarily focused on carseats. At the core of their product development is the DSF Innovation Principle; the combination of Design, Safety and Functionality. Cybex has not only become a leader in child safety, but is also seen as an innovative lifestyle and fashion brand. In recent years, Cybex has expanded into the stroller market; applying their product development philosophy from carseats to the broader infant market. Cybex is now one of the largest manufacturers of baby products in the world. Cybex is a more recent entrant to the market in Australia, only branching out here in the last few years. It is a much less known brand but their great designs and quality products have seen them make great strides in only a few short years. In 2020, they entered the double pram market with the launch of the Gazelle S. Like all other premium baby products that Cybex has designed and manufactured, the Gazelle is nothing short of impressive.

UPPAbaby is an innovative American company that focusses mainly on strollers / prams. Their mission is to make high-quality baby products that fit the needs of your new life as a parent, while appealing to the sense of style you've always had. They look for ways to make their strollers and baby products lighter, more savvy, easier to use, even fun. The UPPAbaby Vista model has been available for a number of years. It was one of the first cleverly designed tandem convertible double prams on the market.



Obviously the style of the pram is a very important part of the purchasing decision. Here's some pictures to show the 2 prams and their differing styles. We'd recommend you check them out in store, or have a look at some of the videos online.

Cybex Gazelle S


UPPAbaby Vista V2

Comparison of Features & Specs

Cybex Gazelle S UPPAbaby Vista V2
Weight - Frame only 8.8kg 9.1kg
Weight - Frame & Seat seat 12.6kg 12.4kg
Fold with 1 seat attached Yes (seat facing either direction) Yes (seat must be forward facing)
Fold with 2 seats attached as a double Yes No
Seat Weight capacity

Main seat: 22kg
Second seat: 22kg

Main seat: 23kg
Second seat: 15kg
Reversible seats Yes Yes
Canopy XL Canopy, Height Adjustable with mesh peekaboo/ventilation window. UPF50+ Extendable Height Adjustable with mesh peekaboo/ventilation window. UPF50+
Dimensions folded with seat attached (cm) 86 L x 65 W x 35 H 84.5 L x 65.3 W x 44 H
Dimensions unfolded (cm) 93 L x 65 W x 100 H 91.4 L x 65.3 W x 100.3 H
Handle-bar adjustment Telescopic: 4 height positions 100 - 110cm. Telescopic: 100 - 108cm.
Travel system compatible 

Yes. Compatible with Cybex Cloud Q, Maxi Cosi, Nuna, Joie. 
1 adapter for both positions - separate purchase.

Yes, limited compatibility - check with UppaBaby for specific models. Complex adapter system for different positions - separate purchases.
Shopping / storage basket capacity
XXL under pram basket:13kg
Shopper Basket: 10kg
13kg under pram basket (1 basket only)
Adjustable footrest Yes Yes
Suitable from newborn Yes, in both Seat and Carry Cot. Yes, only in Carry Cot.
Bassinet/Carry Cot included

Can also be purchased without Carry Cot (e.g. for use with a child older than 6 months, or if you wish to use a Capsule instead of a Carry Cot)

Only available with Carry Cot
Single to Double Adapters Included with purchase. Smart Upper & Lower adapters integrated into the frame, no additional purchase required. Additional purchases. Upper Adapters and Lower Adapters (2 separate products)

Can be used with 2 Capsules, 2 Carry Cots, 2 stroller seats or any combination.

24 configurations.

Carry Cot can fit in upper position when in double/sibling mode to allow newborn to be closer to parent. Older or younger child can sit at the top or down in front of the pram. Works well if having younger child close to you is priority. 

Can be used 2 two Capsules, 2 Carry Cots, 2 stroller seats or any combination. 

Limited configuration when in double mode / sibling mode.

Carry Cot does not fit in upper position when in double / sibling mode. Carry Cot & Second seat must go on the front of the pram requiring the younger child to sit in lower position up the front of the pram further away from the parent. Older child must sit at the top.


2 step fold, 2 hand fold.

Free standing when folded.

1 step fold, 2 hand fold. 

Free standing when folded.

Suitability for twins

Perfect, both the Main seat and Second seat are the same size and suitable to 22kg.

Limited because the Second seat (15kg capacity) is a lot smaller than the Main seat (23kg capacity).

All wheel suspension



Toddler kid board available

Yes. Gazelle S Kid Board. Can be used with pram in Double mode

Yes. Piggyback Ride Along Board


2 years

2 years. Can register for extra 1 year

Country of manufacture China China


In summary, both are great prams with premium features backed by reputable global brands. The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is more known in the market as it has been available for a longer time. The Cybex Gazelle S provides extra functionality due to the more flexible configurations and both seats being the same.

No pram will tick all the boxes; you need to prioritise which features are more important to you and your family. Ultimately, the decision on which pram is for you has to be made by you. We hope this article provides you with some information to make that decision easier. 

If you're undecided on whether to buy a single pram or a convertible double pram, check out our blog post: Single or Double Pram?

If you have any further questions, please reach out to our team, we love helping parents and parents-to-be with their pram purchase. Contact Us.


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