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Rocker - Jack The Elephant
Puzzle Floor Mat - 24 pack

Colour light grey/dark grey

Loulou, Lea & Hippolyte - Doudou Comforter Loulou The Panda
Pacifinder Dummy chain

Colour blue

Nina, Jade & Lili Collection - Musical Nina The Rabbit
Alex & Bibou Collection - Doudou Comforter Bibou The Rabbit
Elephant Baby Rocker

Colour blue

Loulou, Lea & Hippolyte - Doudou Comforter Hippolyte The Hippo
Jack & Nestor Collection - Doudou Comforter Nestor The Duck
Max, Noa & Tom Collection - Cuddly Tom The Bear
Adele & Valentine Collection - Musical Olivia The Owl
Octopus Infant Comforter