8 Australian-made baby shower gifts for every budget

Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift that is distinctive, but also thoughtful, practical, aesthetic and ethically made? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with eight Australian-made gift ideas that are sure to elicit collective oohs and ahhs over cake, showcasing a range of options to suit every budget. 

From affordable felt toys and children’s book classics, to higher-priced Australian wool products and handcrafted cot mobiles, there’s something that perfectly suits your gifting intentions.

By opting for locally crafted treasures, you're not only expressing your affection for the expectant parents and their imminent arrival, but also supporting local small businesses and artisans. The beauty of Australian landscapes, wildlife, and heritage is woven into these gifts; what a wonderfully Australian welcome into the world! 

Keep reading and be inspired. 


Colourful felt puppets of Australian animals like a koala, kangaroo, bilby and more
Image sourced from Tara Treasures  

  1. Felt animals 

    Australian-made felt animals make a wonderful choice for a baby shower gift due to their charming, handcrafted quality, and the thoughtful touch of supporting local artisans. These unique creations not only add a whimsical and personal element to the baby's nursery or playroom, but encourage play and bonding between parents and child. Furthermore, they are often made with eco-friendly materials, making them safe for both baby and the environment.  

    For an extra thoughtful touch: These can be as low as $5 an animal, allowing you to add to their collection over the years. 

    Wooden toy kangaroos in a nursery

  2. Handcrafted wooden toys 

    Wooden toys and nursery items have a timeless appeal, making them perfect for curious little hands and open-ended play. Australian-made wood products, crafted with care and precision, are often made from sustainable and non-toxic materials. Whether it's charming animal figurines, rattles, or building blocks, these pieces are designed to entertain, stimulate, and promote fine motor skills. Hand-crafted items are keepers and are sure to be passed down between siblings, if not between generations! 

    For an extra thoughtful touch: Some artisans will even engrave the baby’s name on the item/s for a personalised gift. 

    Closeup of a Babyrest lambskin rug next to some wooden toy blocks

  3. Tummy time  

    Tummy time is essential for a baby's development, and quality Australian-made tummy time rugs are the perfect addition to the nursery. Soft, colorful, and inviting, these rugs create an engaging surface for the baby to explore while strengthening their upper body, and many can be used both inside and outside. There are a variety of materials and styles to choose from, including quilted fabric, lambskin rugs, faux leather and even multipurpose surfaces like the Babyrest Nova change mat. 

    For an extra thoughtful touch: Choose a natural Babyrest lambskin rug for its hypoallergenic, sensory, moisture-wicking and temperature regulating properties that’s as aesthetic as it is practical. 

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    Pink Aboriginal art on display in a cosy neutral, minimalist nursery

  4. Australian art prints 

    Artwork created by a local artist can be a beautiful addition to any nursery, and the great news is that it doesn’t have to break the bank either; many artists offer prints at more affordable price points than the originals. Whether it’s relating to the baby’s nursery theme, their name or even their rich Australian heritage, you can have a lot of fun choosing a meaningful print that will show your thoughtfulness and care for the baby. 

    For an extra thoughtful touch: This is a great way you could support an Indigenous artist while introducing the baby to beautiful Indigenous art. 

    Green children's bookshelf in a child's room with lots of picture books on display

  5. Australian children's classics 

    For friends who appreciate the magic of storytelling, classic Australian children's books are a lovely and timeless gift. Nurturing a love for reading starts early, so choose stories that not only entertain but also introduce the baby to Australian landscapes, animals and culture.  

    There’s a host of excellent titles to choose from that will bring a sense of nostalgia to everyone at the baby shower, from Possum Magic, to Wombat Stew, to May Gibbs’ ‘Gumnut Babies’ collection. These tales are both educational and heartwarming (not to mention quite funny!), providing wonderful moments of bonding for the baby and their parents in the years to come.  

    For an extra thoughtful touch: Write a little note and the date on the first page that the child will be able to read when they’re a little older or that their parents can read out every time they read the book together. 

    Close up of the wool texture of the Babyrest wool underlay on a cot mattress

  6.  Luxurious lambswool products 

    Quality Australian lambswool products, such as Babyrest lambswool cot underlays and quilts, can be a unique and thoughtful gift unlikely to be duplicated amongst the countless nappies, onesies and blankets on the gift table. As a natural textile, lambswool offers a long list of benefits, from temperature regulation, to absorbency, incredible softness, natural hypoallergenic and flame-resistant properties, in addition to the lanolin naturally present in lambswool that keeps skin soft and healthy.  

    A favourite all-season textile keeping baby warm in winter and cool in summer (not to mention the padding it provides for extra comfort), lambswool products provide a level of comfort and quality that parents might not splurge on themselves, making it an extra-special and thoughtful gift. Products like the Babyrest lambswool range are known for their meticulous craftsmanship and are made from premium materials, ensuring longevity and durability.  

    For an extra thoughtful touch: Subtly find out what their cot mattress size is prior to buying to ensure you get the best fit. 

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    Beautiful, ethical, Australian made children's clothes on display

  7. Sustainable baby clothes 

    Practical gifts that make life easier are always popular, so the gift table is likely to be overflowing with baby onesies and nappies. If you’re also keen to give clothes but would prefer a more sustainable option to the cheap, fast fashion options available in most stores, Australian-made clothes are the way to go.

    By virtue of being made more ethically and sustainably, ‘slow fashion’ tends to be made of higher-quality materials, and be more expensive, making it a special gift that your friend is less likely to indulge in themselves, but truly appreciate. Now, every time they put it on their baby, they’ll likely think of you - how sweet! 

    For an extra thoughtful touch: Save your friend some time by giving it that first wash (and letting them know). 

    Australian animals themed felt mobile on the left; felt bunnies themed mobile on the right
    Images sourced from Tara Treasures 

  8. Handcrafted cot mobiles 

    This thoughtful gift not only beautifies the nursery, but also contributes to the baby's early sensory experiences and can be a soothing and calming presence aiding in naptime or bedtime routines. Handcrafted with care, Australian-made mobiles add a touch of individuality and personalisation to the nursery and are a great way of supporting local artisans as well as promoting the value of handmade craftsmanship.  

    Not only will it be an instant point of interest for every person who walks into the nursery, but more importantly, the mobile will bring the baby countless hours of joy as the last thing they see before they close their eyes and the first thing they see when they wake up. Now that’s a special gift! 

    For an extra thoughtful touch: Seek to match the mobile with the nursery theme and colour scheme - we recommend running this one by the soon-to-be parents before you invest to ensure you find the best creation for their unique space. 


Why Australian-made is the gift that keeps on giving 

Choosing Australian-made baby shower gifts is a win-win for everyone involved. Not only are you supporting local small businesses and artisans, but most Australian-made products prioritise sustainable and ethical practices, using eco-friendly materials and fair labour. High Australian standards means locally made products are also renowned for their quality and level of craftsmanship - something every new parent is sure to appreciate. 

Because they are made locally, Australian-made products don’t need to be shipped from across the world, which is much better for the environment, while simultaneously supporting the local economy. It doesn’t stop there however; many Australian-made gifts also carry cultural and educational value, introducing the baby to the beauty of Australia's landscapes, wildlife and heritage. Who knew a simple baby shower gift could also be an investment into the baby’s future?! 

Take Babyrest for example: more than 80% of Babyrest soft furnishings are made in Melbourne by Aussie parents and grandparents. Using only the highest quality of materials, each product is thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort and safety.  

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