Cybex Cloud Q rated safest Infant Capsule by CREP

Following recent testing by CREP, the CYBEX Cloud Q Capsule has been rated the safest Infant Capsule on the market.

The Cybex Cloud Q achieved a 5 Star Protection rating and a points score of 70.8/76 - the highest score of all infant capsules in Australia.
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This rating is a welcome endorsement of Cybex's design principle of Unsurpassed Safety, and complements the many other awards achieved globally for this innovative product.

Undoubtedly, the combination of the Cybex Cloud Q Capsule's innovative safety features contributed to the chart-topping result. In the occurrence of a collision, the telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P) minimises impact, and the shock absorbing shell redirects shock away from a baby's body.

 Cloud Q CREP testing shots

In addition to it's advanced safety features, the Cloud Q is also unique in being the only reclining capsule available in Australia. Suitable for use up to 12 months - double the usage of other capsules, and it's travel system compatibility with many prams & strollers offers longevity and versatility.

With this great combination of innovative features, it's not hard to see why the Cloud Q is the capsule of choice among many parents.
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CREP (Child Restraint Evaluation Program) is a consortium of government agencies and motorist organisations who share a common interest in improving safety for children travelling in vehicles. CREP aims to provide consumers with information to help choose and use safe child car seats and to apply commercial and public consumer pressure on car seat manufacturers to only market seats that perform well beyond the requirements of the Australian Standard.

CREP conducts regular testing of child restraints above and beyond the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1754. CREP provides consumers with independent and consistent information on the levels of child protection from injury in a crash provided by child car seats and the ease with which they can be used correctly.

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