How to choose the right capsule (Cybex Cloud Q vs. Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna)

Cybex and Bugaboo are premium European baby product brands. Join us as we explore and compare the premium car capsules (sometimes known as infant carriers) that these brands offer - the Cybex Cloud Q and the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna.

This article gives you an overview of both capsules and a comparison of the specs. If you haven't yet decided whether you need a capsule, or you would like to learn more the benefits of capsules, read, Do I really need a Capsule?


Cybex is a German brand that was formed in the early 2000's, primarily focused on carseats. At the core of their product development is the DSF Innovation Principle; the combination of Design, Safety and Functionality. Cybex has not only become a leader in child safety, but is also seen as an innovative lifestyle and fashion brand. In recent years, Cybex has expanded into the stroller market; applying their product development philosophy from carseats to the broader infant market.

Cybex is now one of the largest manufacturers of baby products in the world. A more recent entrant to the market in Australia, Cybex has only started branching out here over the last few years. While a lesser known brand, their great designs and quality products have seen them make great strides in only a few short years. Cybex offers a complete range of carseats and capsules. Of their range, only the Cloud Q is available in Australia at this stage.

Bugaboo is a Dutch stroller brand that was formed in 1999. Since then, they have become one of the leading brands of luxury prams and strollers across the globe. Bugaboo have been selling prams in Australia for over 15 years and have become a very well-known brand for Australian parents. The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna was recently launched, and is the first capsule in the Bugaboo brand. Being a stroller company, Bugaboo partnered with Nuna, another Dutch company that already offers a range of capsules and carseats. 

The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna is built on the Nuna Pipa Klik product, with some minor differences:

  • Bugaboo branding and a few minor alterations to match the Bugaboo pram styling.
  • The Bugaboo Turtle has a full-wide mesh peek-a-boo window in the hood.
  • The 'Dream Drape' magnetic sun cover is fully mesh
  • Comes with a breathable merino wool infant insert

This comparison would also be helpful in comparing the Cybex Cloud Q and the Nuna Pipa Klik.


Safety is the top consideration for any items you are purchasing for your baby, but it's undeniably the first priority when it comes to car seats. Australia has one of the most stringent standards for child restraints in the world. All car seats and capsules sold in Australia must meet the current Australian standard. Therefore, you can be assured that all products have a minimum safety benchmark.

However, some car seats and capsules go above and beyond the minimum safety requirements - this is the case with both the Cybex Cloud Q and the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna. The Cybex Cloud Q has been independently tested by Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP), and has achieved a 5-star protection rating and a chart-topping score of 70.8 / 76 points for protection. It appears the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna has not yet been tested by CREP. However, the Nuna Pipa Klik has been tested and achieved a 5-star protection rating (67.89 points out of 76 points for protection), making it a close second.
See more on CREP test results → 


The style of the capsule is an important consideration, especially if you are planning on using the capsule on your pram when out and about. We think it looks best when it closely matches the pram. The Cybex Cloud Q is known globally as one of the most stylish and luxurious capsules, but that's purely subjective - so it really comes down to personal choice!  We'd recommend you have a look at them in person, or check out more images/videos online.

Cybex Cloud Q

Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna

Comparison of Features & Specs

  Cybex Cloud Q Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna
Age Suitability Newborn - 12 months (approx.) 13kg

Newborn - 12 months (approx.)

Weight 5.7kg


Dimensions with carry handle upright

Seat (cm): L 68 x W 44.5 x H 56

With base (cm): L 68 x W 44.5 x H 64

Seat (cm): L 70 x W 43.3 x H 59

With base (cm): L73.5 x W 43.3 x H 66.4

Installation of base

Seat belt only - very easy to install.

Seat belt only - installs easily and securely.

Rigid ISOFix - works well if the ISOFix points in the car are deeply recessed.


5-point no re-thread harness.

11 position height adjustable headrest integrated harness guide.

5-point no re-thread harness.

7 position adjustable headrest.


2 years from date of purchase.

2 years +1 year additional if product is registered.

Cover removable for washing

Yes - machine washable.

Yes - machine washable.

Sun Canopy

XXL foldaway sun canopy UPF50+

UPF50+ sun canopy with peek-a-boo window and Dream Drape - UV mesh covering with magnets, zipped away inside the canopy for sun protection when required.

Seat recline

Yes - recline to an ergonomic lie-flat position outside the car - converts to a carrycot.


Removable newborn insert

Premium removable newborn inlay for premature and very small babies.

Removable newborn merino wool infant insert for premature and very small babies.

Side impact protection

Yes - Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection (L.S.P. System), plus flexible energy shock absorbing shell, plus foam head wings and liner.

Yes - Tailor tech™ memory foam for absorbing force and side impact protection.

Travel System Compatibility

Compatible with Cybex prams as well as UPPAbaby, Joolz, iCandy, Bugaboo, Baby Jogger and many more with corresponding Maxi Cosi Adaptors (adapters are typically sold as a pram accessory).

Compatible with Bugaboo prams as well as Cybex, UPPAbaby, Joolz, iCandy,  Baby Jogger and many more with corresponding Maxi Cosi Adaptors (adapters are typically sold as a pram accessory).


In summary, both are great capsules with premium features backed by reputable global brands. Both capsules have amazing safety features and are very easy to use. They do, however have their own unique features. Let's take a look at some of the standout features of each:

Cybex Cloud Q

1. The Cybex Cloud Q has the most innovative feature of all capsules on the market in Australia - the capsule can recline to a full lie-flat position outside of the car. Therefore this can double as a bassinet on the pram. This is an enormous advantage compared to any other capsules. It is recommended that your baby should sleep in a regular capsule for a maximum of 2 hours. Your baby's spine is still developing and your baby needs to lie flat to help with breathing. Therefore, the curved shape of the capsule is not a recommended sleeping position for periods of more than 2 hours. The lay flat recline of the Cybex Cloud Q when outside of the car addresses this issue. When reclined, the Cloud Q acts like a bassinet, babies are able to lie flat in an ergonomic position, be more comfortable and sleep in it for longer. 

2. An added safety feature on the Cloud Q is the Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection (L.S.P. System) which takes the first impact and transfers the force throughout the energy absorbing shell, direct energy from a collision away from the infant. The L.S.P. system works along with the foam car seat liner and head wings to provide even more side impact protection.

3. The height adjustable headrest has 11 positions and an integrated harness guide to accommodate for all different heights for the perfect protection and comfort, with no rethreading required.

Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna

1. The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna is light which is a great advantage, especially if you're likely to carry the capsule with your baby in it for quick trips (rather than attaching to the pram).

2. Dream Drape - zipped hidden away inside the UPF 50+ canopy. Made out of UV mesh, the Dream Drape is magnetic, clicking onto the side of the capsule to protect your child on sunny days.

3. The 2-position canopy contains a peek-a-boo mesh window that can be used to check on your sleeping infant.

The Verdict

The Cloud Q is more expensive and heavier than the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna, but we believe the full-recline feature of the Cloud Q is a game changer. Feedback from many customers tells us that the ability to recline to a lie-flat position offsets the extra weight and price. Whilst the weight is important, also remember that you're mostly only carrying it from the car to attach to your pram.

When considering price, also consider whether you need to purchase a bassinet with your pram. With a lie-flat capsule, you may not require a bassinet. 

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