Is the Cybex Cloud Q heavier than most other capsules (and does it matter)?

If you’re in the market for a car seat or capsule for your newborn, you may be comparing a range of models based on things like their age suitability, safety features, price point, size and weight, pram compatibility and more.  

What you may not realise however, is that some features like weight - which is an important consideration for prams - is not actually as important in a capsule. In fact, the safest models on the market also tend to be on the heavier side. Allow us show you why… 


Get to know the Cybex Cloud Q Capsule 

The Cybex Cloud Q has rapidly gained popularity over the last four years, and for good reason. However, one of the most commonly asked questions by prospective customers is “why is the Cloud Q so heavy?”.

Unlike a traditional convertible car seat which is fixed to the car, a capsule is part of a baby ‘travel system’ allowing you to detach it from the car and attach directly onto to your pram – all with baby still inside. Learn more about the benefits of choosing a capsule here  

The German designed Cybex Cloud Q is one of the best capsules available in Australia, with parents raving about its top safety rating, sleek design and ease of use. At 5.7kg however, it is the heaviest on the market. To put this into context, the next heaviest is the Maxi-Cosi Mico 12 LX at 5kg, followed by the Baby Jogger City GO at 4.75kg.    


So, what makes the Cloud Q heavy, and does its weight even matter? 

When it comes to the ideal capsule, we’ve narrowed down parents’ top five concerns:  

  • Safety first and foremost 
  • Comfort for long days or bumpy journeys 
  • Convenience to make life easier (not harder!) for busy parents 
  • Value for money, through things like quality materials, longevity of use and differentiating features 
  • Style because who wants an eyesore capsule on a beautiful pram? 

Each of these concerns is integrated into the Cybex Cloud Q’s intuitive design. While you may find a lighter capsule, it won’t have these unique features that sets the Cybex Cloud Q miles apart from the rest: 

Cloud Q capsule in lie-flat position
Near lie-flat recline feature 

Offering one of the most innovative features of any capsule available on the Australian market, the Cybex Cloud Q is the only capsule that can recline to a near lie-flat position outside of the car. When reclined, the Cloud Q acts similar to a bassinet, offering a more ergonomic position for baby to lie comfortably (and hopefully encourage longer sleep too!). 

Did you know that due to their ongoing spinal development, it is not recommended to keep your baby in a regular, curved capsule for longer than two hours at a time?  

Think about it... If the drive to your destination is 30 minutes one-way, a non-recline capsule restricts you to only an hour before you need to head back. With the Cloud Q however, once you’re out of the car, you are not bound to the clock. Running a few errands, strolling around the zoo or catching up with friends at a café? As long as baby is content, there’s no rush! 

To enable the capsule to ‘unfurl’ into a near lie-flat position, the Cloud Q requires a few additional components, including a second shell and a reclining mechanism. Consequently, this unique design feature contributes to its overall weight. But what’s a few extra grams when you get to have a unique recline feature? 

Diagram showing the Cloud Q's side protection feature
Telescopic LSP System  

One of the safest capsules on the market with a 5-star Protection Rating from CREP, the Cybex Cloud Q is the only capsule to offer Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection (LSP System). By taking the brunt of the impact from a collision and transferring it throughout the energy-absorbing shell to the back, the LSP System redirects the shock impact from your baby.  

Together with the head wings and the foam car seat liner, the LSP system is designed to provide an extra layer of side-impact protection. Again, these additional features may add a few extra grams, but it’s worth it for the extra protection in the event of an accident. 

The Cloud Q's extendable headrest
Extendable headrest that grows with your baby 

Capsules vary in their longevity of use per child. While some capsules are only suitable from birth to six months, the Cloud Q’s extendable headrest makes it suitable for twice as long, extending the value of your investment.  

This advanced, extendable headrest has 11 different positions to allow for incremental growth from preemie all the way to 12 months old (or 13kg), which is unique for its product category compared to most competitors. So, while some capsules may be lighter, remember that your baby might also outgrow them faster.  

The Cloud Q's invisible, integrated canopy

Integrated canopy 

The majority of capsules are designed primarily with the functionality of car-use in mind. While functional, they can appear clunky and out of place on a pram – especially a high-end pram.  

In contrast, the Cybex Cloud Q’s aesthetics are considered in tandem with its functionality, seamlessly marrying style, ergonomics and safety into the ideal car seat/bassinet hybrid. After all, you’ll be using it just as much out of the car as in. 

Details like its ‘disappearing’, XL UPF50+ sun canopy make the Cloud Q a master class in capsule style. Cleverly integrated into the shell, the canopy can be extended incrementally or tucked out of sight to offer sun, wind and rain protection when needed. Most parents prefer this seamless, foldaway design feature over a lighter capsule’s offering. 


How to make the Cloud Q feel lighter 

In day-to-day life, the weight of a capsule will only be felt in the brief transition between car and pram. After all, modern prams such as the Cybex Priam have compact, lightweight frames making it easier to whip them out, even for short distances, than it is to carry the capsule around.  

Great, but what about stairs where you would need to detach the capsule from the pram?  

As it turns out, there’s a trick to the way you hold the Cloud Q that can make it feel much lighter and more comfortable to carry. Many people try to carry the capsule in front of them with their arms straight… but that makes it awkward to walk. Instead, try hanging the capsule off the crook of your elbow and letting it rest on your hip, while you support it with your hand where the adaptor is. This position takes the pressure off your arm and is much better for your posture. You can even adjust the position of the carry handle for optimal comfort.   



In this blog we have unpacked some of the exciting features that more than make up for the Cloud Q’s weight. However, if weight remains a primary concern of yours, it’s definitely worth popping in to your local stockist to feel it yourself. Chances are, the difference in weight is not as noticeable in person as it is on paper. 

When comparing the weights of different capsules, it’s always worth checking that their age ranges match up and that you are not accidentally including any capsule base weights in your calculations. 

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful, but as always, our friendly team of experts is more than happy to chat with you about any concerns or questions you may have. Get in touch with us today. 


More about the Cybex Cloud Q Capsule 


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