Babyrest Nova vs Leander Matty Change Mats

Solid PUR change mats are quickly becoming more popular than traditional foam change mats. With a solid base and made from long lasting PUR, they are sturdy and do not require any structure or edges around the mat. This means that you don’t require a timber change tray and you can use the change mat on any surface.

Also, the PUR is more durable than a vinyl covered foam mat, meaning they are longer lasting. If you want to read more about this topic, read our blog post: Do I need a timber change tray for my dresser?

Two of the most popular change mats of this style are the Leander Matty and the Babyrest Nova. Read on for a brief comparison of the two products.

The Matty and Nova are a similar construction - moulded PUR with a solid timber base and rubber non-slip feet.

Size and Shape

Babyrest Nova: 72 x 41 x 9cm

Leander Matty: 70 x 50 x 11cm

The Leander Matty is 9cm wider than the Babyrest Nova, providing a larger change area. However, this also means that the Matty won’t fit sideways on a lot of common nursery dressers. The Nova is narrower which allows it to fit sideways on most dressers. The size and shape of the Nova also means that it will fit nicely in a lot of timber change trays, whereas the Matty will not. Obviously, you don’t need to purchase a timber change tray for your dresser if you use one of these mats. However, if you already have a timber change tray and would like a PUR change mat to suit, the Nova is more likely to fit.

As you can see from the pictures, there is quite a difference in the shape of these two mats. The Matty has sides that taper up from the front and the raised sides continue around the back. Therefore, the Matty can only be used one way. The Nova is fully raised on both sides and has an open back and front, allowing the Nova to be used from both the front and the back, providing a little bit more versatility.


Babyrest Nova: 3.2kg

Leander Matty: 2.9kg


Both the Leander Matty and the Babyrest Nova have raised sides to prevent your child from rolling off. The sides of the Matty taper up from the front and continue around the back – so the sides are not raised at the front. The sides of the Nova are fully raised on both sides. With fully raised sides, the Nova provides more fall prevention and therefore is considered safer.


Pictures will help you more than words here. Both styles are quite neutral and the decision on style has to be made based on your nursery style and your personal opinion.



The Leander Matty is available in 4 colours: Pale Blue, Dusty Grey, Soft Pink and Cappuccino

The Babyrest Nova is available in 4 colours: Grey, Dune, Mint and Pink.

The pink and grey colours are different shades between the two brands. The Nova Grey is a fair bit softer than the Matty Dusty Grey, and the Nova Pink is more of a dusty pink than the Matty Soft Pink.


The Babyrest Nova RRP is $189.00

The Leander Matty RRP is $199.99


The Babyrest Nova has a 3-year warranty

The Leander Matty has a 2-year warranty


Leander is a Danish company, founded by Stig Leander in 1998 with the development of a cradle. Today Leander is an international furniture manufacturer with activities in more than 40 countries.

Babyrest is an Australian brand focusing on products for the nurseries. Founded in 1976 with the development of the Babyrest cot pillow – the first flat baby pillow, which offered the right amount of neck support and comfort for children. The range has grown to include furniture, cot and bassinet mattresses, change mats and other nursery accessories. Today, Babyrest is still owned by the same Australian family, and over 80% of the range is manufactured in Australia.

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