“A must have!” Why parents love Babyrest wool underlays

“My son has slept so much better since I added it to his bed.” 

“Honestly can’t believe the difference!” 

“This underlay answered all our problems...” 


With winter around the corner, many Aussie parents are looking for solutions to ensure their little one will stay cosy and comfortable when they sleep. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place! 

Made in Australia from real, Australian merino wool, the Babyrest lambswool underlays are designed to offer all-season comfort – cool in summer and warm in winter. Available in both cot and portacot varieties, the fully-fitted design is not only machine washable, but it is asthma and allergy friendly. 


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So, what‘s the big deal about wool?  

We’re glad you asked! Being a natural fibre, wool is more breathable than synthetic fibres, and is also better at regulating temperature. Babies are not able to regulate their body temperatures yet, so choosing a material with natural insulation that can help them stay cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather is a gamechanger for your little one’s comfort while they sleep. Natural fibres are also free of chemicals, which is a win for your child’s sensitive skin. 

Wool also happens to be the most absorbent natural fibre in common use, able to contain up to 30% of moisture before feeling wet. In contrast, most synthetics can only absorb around 4%. By absorbing the moisture (whether midnight sweats or accidents) away from your baby’s body, your little one can stay comfortable and dry for longer. 

As if that wasn’t enough, wool is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites – parents of children with allergies and eczema rejoice! - and naturally flame resistant, offering a greater level of safety than other fibres. Don’t forget that as a natural fibre, it’s also much better for the environment than most alternatives. 

While we could keep raving about the benefits of choosing quality lambswool products, sometimes reviews just speak for themselves... See what real Aussie parents have to say about the Babyrest lambswool underlays: 


Lambswool Portacot Underlay 

“Lambswool is my all time favourite underlay for my bed and for my child's. It is soft and comfortable in the cold and in the heat. It also keeps the mattress clean and baby dry. I was stoked to find this portacot underlay.“ 


Gemma D 
Lambswool Cot Underlay  
“Being a summer baby I never needed this for my 8 month old, but as soon as winter hit a couple of weeks ago my mum ordered one of these underlays straight away. She said us kids always slept better on lambs wool etc .. I doubted her until she gave it to me for a try. Honestly can't believe the difference! 


Lambswool Cot Underlay  

“I was given this underlay at my baby shower and it felt super soft and comfy when I made up my son’s cot. It has not disappointed once and the added layer helps with any messes that may occur especially throughout the night. I would highly recommend this underlay to anyone to help keep their little one happy and comfortable.” 


Kate O 
Lambswool Cot Underlay  

“This underlay is so soft and cozy. My son has slept so much better since I added it to his bed. Beautiful product without the typical lambswool smell. Gorgeous! Wish I’d bought it earlier! 


Lambswool Cot Underlay  

“I highly recommend this product! It is so soft and warm. It fits easily on the cot mattress and provides a soft, cuddly surface for baby. It is very affordable for the quality that it is. It makes the cot mattress feel much better. It helped my baby sleep better through the night. Very highly recommend! 


Lambswool Cot Underlay  

“I love anything natural and for DD I knew I wanted a lambswool underlay for her cot. It is so super soft and comfortable for her even under a mattress protector and sheet. Keeps her extra warm in winter and cooler in summer. Its antibacterial properties are an added bonus too as she suffers eczema from dust mites.” 


Lambswool Portacot Underlay 

Didn't disappoint! I bought this underlay after being so happy with our cot underlay! ... It made the portacot a lot more padded for my son and was super comfy it also helped with messes throughout the night and has not lost its softness and padding after a number of washes. 


Lambswool Cot Underlay  

“This product is great in summer and winter. Often I found that without this product the mattress was too cold when I placed my son down for a sleep. Now with this underlay it keeps the mattress at a good temperature and actually helps him have a better sleep. This product is a must have! 


Lambswool Cot Underlay 

“The portacot lambswool underlay is a fantastic and safe way to make the hard as a rock portacot mattress soft and comfortable. It took me a while to find this underlay but I am so glad I did as I didn't want to get an extra mattress to put in the portacot due to the safety issues this holds, but my baby just wouldn't sleep long in the portacot due to the hardness of the mattress - I had resorted to putting multiple fitted sheets on just to give it some softness. This underlay answered all of our problems and now my baby sleeps all night long in the portacot when we are away. Great investment.” 


Christina B  
Lambswool Cot Underlay 

“This is a great wool underlay because it fits to the portacot and bub will sleep on it all night. It's good because my bub moves around a lot and he will always be able to sleep on it. It keeps him so warm and cosy in the cooler months. You'll love this product.” 


Lambswool Cot Underlay  

“We bought one of these BabyRest Lambswool Cot Underlay after using the porta cot one while away and loving it. It is soft but not too soft that you worry about suffocation. Being lambswool it works all year round being cool in the warmer summer months and warm in the cooler winter months. It is great quality and reasonably priced too.” 


Lambswool Cot Underlay  

“Perfect & just what everyone needs for winter. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.” 


The Babyrest lambswool cot underlay pictured on a cot in a nursery setting


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