"Absolute game-changer" Why parents rave about the Cybex Cloud Q Capsule

“The lie-flat recline feature is genius…” 

“This capsule has transformed my baby's daytime sleep!” 

“I have never been stopped and complimented on a car seat before until I had this one.” 

“My little girl loves this. Falls asleep the second she is in it.” 


One of the most important things a new parent will buy is a car seat to take their newborn home in. It’s an exciting rite of passage! What if we told you that you can get one that not only has near-flat recline functionality, but can be seamlessly switched between your car and your pram? 

Yes, that’s actually a thing. It’s time you discovered the Cybex Cloud Q Capsule 

Is a capsule the same as a car seat? 

One of the safest capsules you can buy in Australia, the Cybex Cloud Q differs from the regular convertible car seats you may have grown up with. Unlike traditional car restraints, infant capsules have two sections: a base that is attached to your car, and a capsule that can seamlessly click into the base for car rides, and then be disconnected and attached to your pram as part of a travel system.  

Something tired parents everywhere will agree on is that there is nothing worse than waking your baby up when you get to your destination as you remove them from their car seat just to put them in their pram. With capsules, you can transport baby between the car and their pram while they remain strapped in, fast asleep!  


What makes the Cybex Cloud Q so special? 

What sets the Cloud Q apart from other capsules, however, is two key things: its chart-topping safety rating and its lie-flat ability. Car safety is particularly important for infants and toddlers as their little bodies are more vulnerable and need significantly more protection than older kids and adults. Choosing the right car seat matters.  

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1. Safety

Awarded a 5-star Protection Rating from CREP, the Cybex Cloud Q is the only capsule to offer Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection which redirects the brunt of impact from a collision, transferring it to its energy-absorbing shell for an extra layer of side-impact protection for your little one. 

2. Recline

That’s not all! The Cybex Cloud Q is also the only capsule on the Australian market that can recline to a near lie-flat position outside of the car. Did you know that due to their ongoing spinal development, it is not recommended to keep your baby in the ‘crash’ position (i.e. curled up inside the car seat) for longer than two hours at a time? When reclined, the Cloud Q offers a more ergonomic position outside of the car, for baby to sleep comfortably (and hopefully for longer!) as you run errands and go about your day. As reviewer Molly C puts it, “The recline option is a godsend.” 

3. Longevity

While some capsules are only suitable up to 6 months, the Cybex Cloud Q has been engineered to provide maximum safety and comfort for babies up to 13kg (approximately 12 to 15 months), allowing you to enjoy using it for longer.  

4. Style

Finally, it’s important to note that most capsules are primarily designed with car-use in mind – even though they will be used as much outside of the car as in. So, while they may be perfectly functional, they tend to look clunky and out of place on a pram – much like a hermit crab suddenly without its shell! Because the Cloud Q is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind however, it looks stylish and at home even on the most high-end of prams.

With its seamless wrap-around fabric and host of other clever features, such as an extendable headrest that grows with your baby and a ‘disappearing’ XL, UPF50+ canopy, it's easy to see why the Cloud Q is the capsule of choice for countless families across the world.  

But don’t take our word for it; sometimes reviews just speak for themselves… hear what real Aussie parents have to say about the Cybex Cloud Q: 


Megan C 

Cloud Q Capsule + Base Graphite Black 

“This car seat is absolutely top of the line. I knew my infant was so safe in this car seat. All of its safety features were like nothing I had ever seen before. It is pricey but worth every penny.” 


Hayley T 

Cloud Q Capsule + Base Stardust Black 

Ok so this car seat is the BEES KNEES! Best infant car seat I've owned. It is definitely one of the heaviest I have owned and if you're worried about carrying them around for a while, it may not be the right one for you, but as far as design, safety and comfort go, this one deserves 5 stars. I have never been stopped and complimented on a car seat before until I had this one. The sunshade can come almost all the way down to block out the sun, the fabric is so soft and never once made my son super sweaty in the 40+ degree weather. I was honestly sad when he outgrew it. 

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Cloud Q Capsule + Base Graphite Black 

I absolutely love this car seat and plan to use it again for my next baby. It is easy to put in/take out of the car and the lie-flat function is just perfect for when baby is asleep in the car seat. It was easy to put into our pushchair and didn't feel too heavy. I found it very easy to adjust the headrest when needed.” 


Molly C 

Cloud Q Capsule + Base Graphite Black 

“Ingenious design with a focus on both comfort and safety for the baby and peace of mind for us. The recline option is a godsend. You want all the time you can get!!” 



Cloud Q Capsule + Base Stardust Black 

“I recently purchased this to replace a capsule that only went to 6 months of age and didn’t recline. This capsule has transformed my baby's daytime sleep! She used to only sleep in a carrier or in our arms during the day. She loves this capsule so much I’m currently using it in the reclined position instead of the pram bassinet. Absolute game-changer for us and worth the slightly higher price point for sure!” 



Cloud Q Capsule + Base Graphite Black 

“Having tried numerous car seats for my now 13-month-old, I must say this is the best. My son is happy and comfortable in it. The sun canopy shields perfectly. The shock absorbers are a great addition and I feel confident that it is truly safe. The lie-flat recline feature is genius as you can use it as part of a comfortable travel system.  

On top of all of this, the design and colour is super stylish. All in all, I am very happy with this product. The only minor negative point I have is that I would prefer it if the padding on the belt straps was sewn in place to stop them - when unbuckled - from moving up and down and twisting the wrong way and coming off the straps, although I do understand that it does make it easier to remove and clean them.” 


Jess M 

Cloud Q Capsule + Base Stardust Black 

“I have two Cloud Qs I use for my twin babies, attached to the Bugaboo Donkey. I love the recline feature, nice and safe for baby's posture and breathing, especially when out for a long time. The big sun canopy is great, and I love all the safety features and the extra side protection device! We used the Cloud Qs for the twins straight out of special care after they were born, and planning to use them until they're about 12 months old!” 


Nicky W 

Cloud Q Capsule + Base Graphite Black 

“The Cloud Q by Cybex has lasted our baby boy a whole year! (I know they advertise it on the packaging, but it seems doubtful until you see it in real life), and our baby wasn't small by any means. We've really loved using it for number 1 and can't wait to use it again! 


Jane F 

Cloud Q Capsule + Base Graphite Black 

The product is perfect, as you’d expect from Cybex, very happy with the features and quality.” 


Nina S 

Cloud Q Capsule + Base Stardust Black 

We LOVE our Cybex Cloud Q car seat. Yes, it is a little heavy, but safety first! And it is very safe. It is a German brand and Germany has high standards in testing when it comes to children's safety. It was the only brand that good ... and I can totally see why. It feels sturdy and comes with side protection. Baby still has plenty of space in it (at 7 months and baby is on the 70s percentile when it comes to height and weight). The nice thing is that you can change baby's position when not in the car. It reclines so that you don't have to worry about keeping baby in an upright position for too long. It also attaches to our stroller with an adapter so that we can use it for running errands. We love it!” 



Cloud Q Capsule + Base Stardust Black 

My little girl loves this. Falls asleep the second she is in it. Love the recline feature, very easy to use.” 




Do you have any questions about the Cloud Q capsule? Our friendly team of experts is more than happy to chat with you about your capsule, pram and nursery essentials! Get in touch  with us today.  


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