What makes lambswool so great for babies?

For generations, lambswool has been a favourite all-season textile, and baby bedding is no exception. There are many benefits of using lambswool products for your baby. Lambswool creates a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for your baby. Babyrest has a range of lambswool products for the cot, the floor and the pram.


Wool is a natural fibre

Natural fibres are more breathable than synthetic fibres. This means they are healthier and better at regulating temperature. They are also free of chemicals and provide a healthier environment for your baby.

Insulated, breathable and temperature regulating

The fibres of wool are naturally crimped and wavy which forms countless air pockets that trap the air, creating a natural insulation. That’s what makes it soft, gentle and comfortable for your baby, no matter what the weather. This natural insulation allows a warm and soft feel while also being breathable and regulating body temperature. Wool is warm in winter and cool in summer.


Wool is the most absorbent natural fibre in common use. It can contain up to 30% of moisture before feeling wet. Synthetics can only absorb around 4%. The natural absorbing quality of lambswool means that your baby will stay comfortable and dry, with the moisture absorbed away from your baby’s body. This also enhances temperature regulation.

Antibacterial and antimicrobial

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. The thin waxy coating inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria.

Contains Lanolin

Lanolin is an oil that is naturally present in lambswool. It is a natural emollient that will help keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft.

Fire retardant

Wool is naturally flame resistant and offers a greater level of fire safety than other fibres. So you can be restful knowing that your baby is being cared for by the best natural comforter available.


A natural shape lambskin rug provides a stylish addition to the nursery or play/ living areas. With all the benefits listed above, the natural rug provides a great surface for your baby to lie on. Also ideal for tummy time.



Lambswool and Lambskin – what’s the difference?

On the surface, there is not a lot of difference. They are both great for your baby. It is underneath where the difference lies.

Lambswool is wool that has been incorporated into a latex backing, which makes it cost effective and more easily washed. All Babyrest Lambswool products are made in Australia with Australian lambswool.

Lambskin is actual lambs hide, making it completely natural, much longer lasting and with stronger fibres. There are many processes that are used for lambskin tanning. The more dense the fibres, the stronger the lambskin.

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Below you’ll find a selection of our Babyrest lambswool and lambskin products. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team, we would be glad to help. Contact us 

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