6 nursery items that grow with your child

Do you ever look at a piece of clothing or furniture piece and memories come flooding back? 

Parenthood is like that, with countless memories and milestones inextricably linked to the everyday items you use to care for your little one. Although we embrace our children’s growth, we have been known to shed a tear when our little ones outgrow their favourite clothes, toys and nursery essentials. Sometimes it’s for your wallet, but mostly it’s nostalgia! 

That’s why we’re big proponents of investing in baby and toddler products that grow with children and siblings, offering flexibility and longevity.  

Not only does using the same item for longer offer a sense of familiarity to your little one, but consuming less products overall is a great step towards a more sustainable future for your child to enjoy. Join us as we explore a range of innovative products designed to evolve right alongside your growing family.  

 Toddler room featuring a Babyrest convertible bed

1. Convertible cots

From your very first few days of parenthood, it quickly becomes clear just how much of an essential investment for your baby's safe and comfortable sleep their cot is. Convertible cots like the intuitive Babyrest 3-in-1 range take it a step further by transforming from bassinet, to cot, to toddler bed. With adjustable mattress heights and removable side rails, these cots accommodate your child's developmental milestones, ensuring long-term use well beyond infancy. Such versatile cots are designed to grow with your child, saving you the need for multiple beds and creating a sense of familiarity as they transition from one stage to another. Switching to a ‘big kid bed’ doesn’t have to be scary – who knew? 

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  Babyrest Duocore cot mattress

2. Baby to toddler mattress

Sound sleep is essential for your little one’s growth and development. But did you know that children require varying degrees of sleep support as they grow? The Babyrest Duocore (pictured) is the first cot mattress in Australia to feature dual-sided technology. The Duocore’s foam core is engineered to provide the exact amount of support and comfort needed at every stage from newborn through to toddler - it’s as easy as flipping the mattress from the baby side to the toddler side (marked) once they reach 12 months. Not to mention, the reinforced sides offer added protection to ensure your little one remains safely in the centre of their cot. The better your little one sleeps, the better you do! 

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 Boho nursery featuring the Babyrest Kaya cot and chest duo

3. Chest of drawers 

Most nurseries these days include a chest of drawers for changing and storage convenience. The good news for your pocket is that unlike a cot or rocker, this is one furniture piece that your child won’t need to outgrow - ever. With intentional design, nursery chests can be both baby and toddler-friendly (matching their cot and with clever features such as soft close drawers to protect little fingers) while remaining timeless pieces you’ll want to display in your home for years to come.  

Look out for chests designed with life after baby in mind; these pieces can not only become stunning additions to other areas of your home in later years, but could grow with your child until they leave the nest. We love investment pieces that you can use from the get-go! Everything in your child’s room will change over the years as they grow, but this will likely be the one constant item that evokes a strong sense of nostalgia for them of their years at home (and for you!). Could someone pass the tissues please?! 

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Cybex Gazelle double pram with a seat and Cloud Q capsule

4. Convertible prams

Gone are the days of needing to purchase separate prams at every stage of your child's growth or when you have a second child. Convertible prams like the Cybex Gazelle S (pictured) offer a seamless transition from infant to toddler, sibling and beyond. The Cybex Gazelle S grows right alongside your family, offering 20+ seat, carry cot and capsule combinations including both forward-facing and rear-facing options, offering great versatility for infants and toddlers. If designed well, they look just as beautiful in single mode as they do in sibling or twin mode. 

Some models even have the option of adding toddler/kid boards, allowing older siblings to hitch a ride when their little legs need a break, extending their use for even longer. These convertible prams are not only great for your growing family but also help you maximise space, reduce clutter and save money down the line. 

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The Cybex Cloud Q travel system shown being taken between car and pram

5. Infant travel systems and convertible car seats

An infant travel system refers to a set of products designed for transporting babies safely and conveniently as they grow. It typically includes a pram base, seat, capsule (along with a capsule base that can be installed in your car), and oftentimes also includes a bassinet. The key feature of a baby travel system is the ability to transfer a sleeping baby between the car and the pram without waking them. The capsule clicks onto the pram frame, allowing parents to quickly and easily move their baby from the car to the stroller and vice versa. While some pram seats are lie-flat and suitable from birth, many parents still prefer to invest in bassinets for maximum comfort. Once your child outgrows the capsule or bassinet, they can ‘graduate’ to the pram seat, which will serve them comfortably for the next few years. 

Most capsules are only suitable up to around 12 months to ensure they are still small and light enough to lift and transport. Once your little one graduates to a bigger car seat, it’s worth investing in a convertible car seat. These adaptable seats can be adjusted to accommodate your child's growth, catering to different age groups and weight ranges. From rear-facing for infants to forward-facing for toddlers, convertible car seats offer long-term use and peace of mind regarding your child's safety while on the road. 

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 Cybex Lemo chair shown in different stages of use

6. Highchairs that transform 

Mealtimes can be a delightful bonding experience with your child. Rather than purchasing a separate highchair as your little one grows, opt for a transforming high chair. These innovative designs can be adjusted to accommodate different stages, such as transitioning from a reclining seat for infants to a traditional highchair with a removable tray for toddlers. A great example is the 4-in-1 Cybex Lemo (pictured); a versatile and adjustable highchair designed to grow with your child from infancy all the way to adulthood. It’s quite literally a chair for life! Clever products like this offer longevity and adaptability, ensuring you get the most from your investment. 

Cybex Lemo 4-1 chair shown in different stages of use

The world of baby and toddler products continues to evolve, offering parents a plethora of options that grow with your children and any siblings that come along. From convertible cots and prams to highchairs, chests of drawers and even mattresses, these innovative designs provide flexibility and longevity. By investing in products that adapt to multiple stages of your child's growth, you not only save money but also create a sense of continuity and familiarity for your little ones. Embrace the growing journey together with these fantastic products designed for your family's changing needs. 


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