Why you can trust the ‘Australian Made’ logo

You may have noticed the iconic green triangle with a gold kangaroo on some of our Babyrest nursery products showing that they are Australian made. Have you ever wondered what that logo really means? Or how you can be sure that these logos are even legitimate when you see them on an item in the grocery store?  

As a small, third generation Australian-owned family business, we’re extremely passionate about this topic! Join us as we unpack what an ‘Australian Made’ certification truly means, how businesses qualify for it, how to know that it’s ‘the real deal’... and why it’s worth getting behind local products.  

What does an ‘Australian Made’ certification mean and how do businesses qualify for it? 

Certifications like ‘Australian Made’ matter because they affirm a business’ commitment to safety, quality and sustainability. It also demonstrates that the product has passed certain Australian standards, allowing consumers to be informed and shop responsibly. When you see an ‘Australian Made’ logo, you know that it has been made for the Australian way of life – designed by Aussies, for Aussies. 

With its long history of representing local products, an incredible 99% of Aussies over 18 recognise the ‘Australian Made’ logo, making it one of the highest recognition rates of any certification mark in Australia. 

The logo is a registered certification trademark identifying a product as having been made or grown in Australia, and that the last substantial transformation occurred in Australia. By ‘transformation’, it means that while the individual materials might have been sourced overseas, they were combined and manufactured to create a new product in Australia. 

However, did you know that in addition to the classic ‘Australian Made’ verification, there are a variety of certifications a business can apply for? Other variations you might see on shelves include: 

  • Australian Grown 
    All of the product’s significant ingredients have been grown in Australia, and all or nearly all of the processing has been carried out in Australia 
  • Product of Australia 
    All of the product’s significant ingredients or raw materials come from Australia, and all or nearly all of the processing has been carried out in Australia 
  • Australian 
    Can only be used in export markets, and the product must satisfy the criteria for at least one of the four preceding claims and not be misleading 
  • Australian Made & Owned or Australian Grown & Owned 
    Ownership is important to many Australians and for that reason a number of businesses choose to include '& owned' with the relevant country of origin claim for their products. The AMAG logo cannot be used on products which do not meet the criteria in the Code of Practice, irrespective of whether the company is Australian owned or not.  

You can learn more about the logo and its history, as well as the types of certifications on the Australian Made website 

Obtaining ‘Australian Made’ certification for products can be a rigorous process for businesses. Once they know that their product meets the criteria set out in the Australian Consumer Law and the AMAG Logo Code of Practice, they need to apply for a license with the not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL). This involves providing proof of ownership of the brand, as well as of the product’s Australian origin.  

Authenticity is further demonstrated through supporting documents such as supply chain and production documents which evidence the source of components, raw materials and ingredients. Once approved, the business needs to pay an annual license fee in order to use the logo, as well as regularly renew their license, ensuring that all information relating to the product’s origin and production process remains up-to-date. Only once the product has been verified can it display the little green triangle in a place of pride. 


Babyrest pillows being manufactured in Melbourne, Australia

Above: Babyrest pillows being manufactured in Melbourne, Australia 


How can you know if a product is truly Australian made? 

In an age of knockoffs and questionable product claims, it’s no surprise that consumers might feel a bit skeptical when it comes to claims like this. So how can you know that a product is truly Australian made for yourself? 

Well, to start with, it should have the highly identifiable, official Australian Made logo on packaging or labelling (brands pay enough to get the logo that they are always very keen to show it off!). As a registered trademark, penalties apply if the logo is used without permission, so few brands would be willing to risk the consequences of displaying a false logo. Next, you can look for a country of origin label; Australian law dictates that any product sold in Australia needs to have a label that shows where the item was made or packed. This label will generally include the supplier or manufacturer’s name and address. 

Still have doubts? The most foolproof way to confirm that a product is truly Australian made is to look on the Australian Made website itself! Each product that has been certified is listed in their product directory, along with a description and some photos. You can see all Australian made Babyrest products here. 


Testing materials for Babyrest mattresses in Melbourne

Above: Testing materials for Babyrest mattresses in Melbourne 


What’s the big fuss about Australian made even about? 

Aussies love to support local. Local music, local cafes, local sports teams. It’s one of our defining features as a culture.  

In fact, according to the latest research by Roy Morgan (2023), four out of five (86%) Australians say buying Australian made products is important to them and that they feel good buying products with that distinction.  

As Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine states in the report, “A large majority of four in five Australians indicated feeling a positive emotion when they buy Australian-made products. Generally, people feel positive that they are able to support Australian jobs, with supporting ethical practices also a key reason Australians feel good about buying Australian-made, particularly for those aged under 35”. 

Australia also has some of the highest safety standards in the world. This is particularly important for parents with babies or toddlers. 

Choosing Australian made offers numerous benefits to young families, with parents able to rest easy knowing that these products are of high quality, safe for the baby, environmentally-friendly, and support local businesses.  

In essence, by opting for Australian made products, parents can provide the best for their baby while also contributing positively to the environment and society! Now that’s all-round win. 

Learn more about the extensive benefits of choosing Australian made products 


Why choose Babyrest nursery products? 
Babyrest began manufacturing quality nursery products for safe sleep more than 40 years ago. Still owned and operated by the same Aussie family, the range has grown to include everything from genuine Australian wool products to innovative cot mattresses and even furniture. 

Over 80% of the Babyrest bedding range is manufactured right here in Melbourne, by Aussie parents, for Aussie parents.  
Why Melbourne, you ask? By choosing to manufacture products like pillows, mattresses and sheepskin rugs in Australia, the team is able to ensure the quality control every new parent wants when it comes to items for their baby. Everything from sourcing the highest quality raw materials, to the manufacturing process and packaging is done by the Babyrest team. With this in mind, new and soon-to-be parents can feel confident (and proud) each time they invest in an Australian made Babyrest product. 

Learn about the Babyrest Lambswool Underlay: 


So, join us as we celebrate Australian made products. It’s the best for you, it’s the best for your family’s future, and it’s the best for Australia. Learn more from the official ‘Australian Made’ resources. Anstel has a team of passionate expert representatives.Get in touchwith us today with any questions about nursery sleep essentials.  


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