Cybex Gazelle S 2023 vs Gazelle S 2020: What’s changed?

The Cybex Gazelle S single to double pram changed the game when it first debuted in 2020 with its 20+ configurations, integrated single-to-double adapters, unmatched storage capacity and ability to fold with the seat/s facing in either direction. Its features have consistently scored high when compared to other popular convertible prams on the market

Now, the newest generation has arrived. While retaining the features you know and love, the Gazelle S 2023 soars to new heights with clever innovations designed to make life on the go even easier. Whether you have one child or multiple, Cybex’s German engineering, premium finishes and safety-first design is sure to impress even the smallest members of the family. 

The ultimate all-in-one pram, the Gazelle S 2023 has everything a growing family needs to make getting from A to Z a breeze. So, what’s new and how does it differ from the 2020 model? 




One-pull harness system 


Harness comparison between the models


One hand, one pull? Parents around the world raved when Cybex first introduced their ‘one-pull’ harness system with the Priam 2022. Now, the Gazelle S 2023 gets the same treatment. A true game-changer for parents, strapping your little one in (multiple times a day) has never been so… drama-free?! 

2020: A 5-point harness system requiring two hands to align the shoulder and waist clips before connecting to the buckle. While it worked, the Cybex team knew there was better way – especially when toddlers suddenly decide they’re allergic to sitting! 

2023: Quickly and effortlessly adjust the harness length with just one hand, making it easy to loosen or tighten the harness, as you would for a car seat. With individual strap connections, you can now plug each of the four straps into the stylish new buckle separately. Skip the tantrum; safely securing a wriggly toddler has never been quicker.  


Added safety  


Comparison of the wheel guards


Toddlers are curious by nature. They’re always looking for new things to touch (hello, freshly cleaned windows and mirrors!), so the Cybex engineers, always a step ahead, have added wheel guards to the Gazelle S 2023. No detail - no matter how small - has been overlooked.  

2020: No wheel guards. 

2023: Wheel Guards for added safety. Protect little fingers with out-of-sight wheel guards covering the front wheels, for children in the second seat position. Even the busiest, most curious of tots can’t get into mischief with the wheels when the pram is in motion! What’s more, these guards prevent mud, dust and water from flicking up against your basket fabrics – who needs extra cleaning jobs? 

An aesthetic glow-up 


Gazelle S 2020 travel system


Gazelle s 2023 travel system

One of the most visually striking differences between the models is the new colour range, but there are also slight differences to the logos and fabrics used which work together to elevate the overall design and give it fresh feel. We know you love a good glow up, and Cybex has delivered! 

2020: Available in Navy Blue/ Taupe, Deep Black/ Black, Soho Grey/ Black. Plain harness and buckle colour. 

2023: Available in Seashell Beige/ Taupe, Sky Blue/ Taupe, Lava Grey/ Taupe and Moon Black/ Black. New look harness and buckle with. Subtle changes to the profiles of both the Seat and Carry Cot.  


Gazelle S 2023 close up design details


Features you love that have carried through 

While the new model offers a host of exciting updates, the Cybex Gazelle S’ most loved features are still there, including: 

  • Storage 
    • Incredible 23 kg combined storage (XXL,13 kg under-pram storage + detachable 10 kg shopper basket) 
    • Second seat does not impede on storage space 
  • Seats 
    • Ergonomic lie-flat, reversible seats, suitable from newborn 
    • Integrated single to double adaptors (no extra pieces, no extra purchases) 
    • Ability to fold with (one) seat attached facing in either direction 
    • Ability to fold with two seats attached as a double  
    • Both primary and secondary seats have a 22 kg capacity, making it ideal for twins  

  • Other features 
    • 4-in-1 travel system (Seat, Capsule, Carry Cot and Cocoon S), compatible with the Cybex Cloud Q, Maxi Cosi, Nuna and Joie. One adaptor for both positions  
    • Compact fold 
    • Excellent four-wheel suspension and puncture-proof, all terrain wheels fo a smooth ride 
    • Rounded, height-adjustable handlebars 
    • Leatherette handlebars 
    • Adjustable footrest  
    • XXL UPF50+ sun canopy 

    In short, the first Gazelle S was already a market standout with 24 configurations, intuitive design features, unparalleled storage and more. Now, Cybex has taken it even further and made tweaks across the board that continue to impress.

    Whether you’re welcoming your first child, preparing for siblings or expecting double the fun with twins, the next few years will be a lot easier with the all-new Gazelle S 2023.  

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