Olympic athlete Genevieve Gregson reviews the Cybex Avi

As a 3x Olympic finalist, 2x World Championships finalist, Australian record holder and coach at Gregson Running, it’s safe to say Genevieve Gregson knows a thing or two about running! 

When Genevieve gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Archer, earlier this year, we knew her experience as not only a professional athlete, but running coach and new mother made her the perfect candidate to ‘road test’ the new Cybex Avi running stroller.  

Sleek, streamlined, and engineered for speed, the Cybex Avi is a specialist stroller designed to allow a full range of motion for your stride while running, enabling you to enjoy the best running experience with your little one.  

The Cybex Avi features an ergonomic, adjustable and slip-proof handlebar, handbrake for speed control, air-filled tyres and rear suspension for a smoother run. Not to mention, the Sports seat for your little passenger features padding and ventilation for maximum comfort. The reflective details and XL UPF50+ canopy make the Avi a smart choice for your family when going for a walk or run both day and night. 

Learn more about the Cybex Sports Range here  

So, what happened when we handed the Cybex Avi over to one of Australia’s most successful (and beloved) middle-distance runners? Keep reading to hear all about her experience and tips for new parents! 


Watch Genevieve and Archer in action below: 


You recently took Archer on his very first run with the Cybex Avi. How was it?  

I loved our first run together. I feel terrible when I have to head out without him so it was such a nice change to bring him along on an easy run with me. The best part was how much he enjoyed it! He had so much fun looking out while we ran along and he got so much joy looking out at the trees and taking in the moving world around him. 


How does the Cybex Avi help you bond with Archer? Do you think him seeing his parents being active and enjoying time outside benefits him too?  

Most definitely – being active is pretty much what both my husband and I do for a living. As professional athletes we are constantly training outside. For Archer to feel a part of it is really special. Soon he will be at an age where he doesn’t want us to leave each morning so the Cybex Avi will help those mornings as I can just take him with me! 


Having recently recovered from both a big injury and being a new mother yourself, do you have any advice for other new mums who are keen to get active, but feel they have to 'start from scratch'?  

Well, being active is a huge part of how I stay sane and that has never been more important than over this past year. Being sidelined from what I love to do most, and then being pregnant, I wasn’t able to run much at all over the past 12 months. Once I felt strong enough to start moving after birth, I immediately started walking. Even if it meant just a walk to a café or the shops. It helped my body feel more and more normal after such a long time of injury and pregnancy. I think getting out of the house and moving your body is so important for new mums. If you lack a bit of motivation, ask a friend or partner. Walking is very social! 


Why do you think getting active is beneficial to new parents in particular?  And how do you think the Cybex Sports range can make getting out and about easier for them?  

Being active can help clear your mind and getting out into the fresh air is so good for both you and bub. Being active has helped this transition to motherhood feel easier because I am mentally always in a good place and that helps me be a better mum to Archer. Having the Cybex Sports range available has made going for a run fun for me and less of a ‘job’. Bringing my son for a walk or run makes me feel like I am bonding with him and looking after myself at the same time. 


Finally, which Cybex Avi features do you like the most, and would you recommend it to new parents?  

For me, it is the ability to handle any terrain. As a distance runner I try to get a bit of running done on trail and any old pram wouldn’t be able to move smoothly unless it was on concrete or road. The Cybex Avi is so smooth no matter where I need to go and keeps Archer safe and happy inside without bumping him around the place. If you want to get out the door and be active with your baby in tow, the Cybex Sports range is definitely what I would recommend for mums!


You can keep up with Genevieve on Instagram at @gengen_lacaze and at Gregson Running.


Genevieve Gregson and son pose with a black Cybex Avi running stroller


Share the joy of getting fresh air and being active with your child from a young age. If you’re keen to experience fitness as a parent without having to find a babysitter, the innovative Cybex Avi running stroller or Cybex Zeno multisport stroller (featuring hands-free running and bike modes) may just be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Learn more about them here  

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