Cybex Priam 2017 vs Priam 2020

The CYBEX PRIAM has been a stand-out in the pram world since it was first launched 2016.
It is elegant, refined and packed full of features. Behind the PRIAM’s classic, simple frame design hides a surprising variety of configurations and equipment options. In it you will find everything that a young family needs in the early years, both for everyday use and travelling.

In Australia, we have two models of the Cybex Priam available - the previous 2017 model and the current 2020 model. The overall look and silhouette of both prams is very similar. Most of the updates to the 2020 model are aesthetic, with a few minor functional differences. Overall, it comes down to your budget (we have some great runout deals on 2017 model), your desire for the 'latest & greatest', and preferences on colours &  style. 


Both Priam models are suitable from newborn through to 22kg. Difference between 2017 and 2020 is style and colour options. 2017 Priam also has an option of a Lux Seat or 2-in-1 Seat/Carrycot.

2020: The Seat on the Priam 2020 is completely lie-flat, therefore is suitable from birth to 22kg.

2017: Option of Lux Seat or 2-in-1 Seat/Carrycot.
The Lux Seat is suitable from newborn to 22kg.
The 2-in-1 option contains a separate carry cot & seat fabric. The carry cot is suitable from newborn to 4-6 months (when your baby starts to sit). At this stage you can swap over to the seat fabric which is suitable from 6 months through to 22kg. 

Seat colour options

2020: Midnight Blue Plus, Stardust Black Plus & Manhattan Grey Plus



2017 2-in-1 Seat/Carrycot: Royal Blue, Manhattan Grey & Autumn Gold



2017 Lux Seat: Stardust Black, Butterfly & Autumn Gold

Chassis colour options

2020: Rose Gold, Chrome with Brown & Matt Black



2017: Chrome with Black

Handlebar / folding

To change the height of the handlebar it's the same on both prams. The way you fold the pram has changed and the shape of the handlebar has changed. 

2020: The shape of the handlebar is rounder than 2017. 
To fold - squeeze the height adjust button with your fingers, and press the small fold-lock button on the underside with your thumb. Push handle bar all the way down.

2017: The shape of the handlebar is squarer than 2020.
To fold - squeeze the height adjust button with your fingers, and slide the button on the top with your thumb. Push handle bar all the way down.

Handlebar colours

2020: Colour coordinates with the chassis colour. All have leatherette finish. Rose Gold comes with Dark Brown handlebar with Rose Gold detailing. Chrome comes with lighter Brown handlebar with Chrome detailing. Matt Black comes with Black handlebar with gloss black detailing.

2017: Only available in Chrome with Black leatherette.


Both prams have great suspension and are all-terrain. Wider wheels on the 2020 model make it easier to push and smoother to ride in. 

2020: Wider wheels with more texture.

2017: Narrower wheels, more streamlined and smooth.

Buttons to remove the seat

2020: Memory buttons, meaning you can push each button separately and they will stay pushed in and you can then remove the seat.

2017: Doesn't have memory buttons. Required to push the button on both sides and lift the seat while holding the buttons in.


The 2020 Priam is available in a special edition by Jeremy Scott. Priam Chassis + Seat 2020. Cybex by Jeremy Scott Wings.

We also have the 2020 ePriam available - a Priam with electronic assist for Uphill Support, Uneven Surface Support and Downhill Support. ePriam Pram 2020

If you would like more information about the difference between these prams, get in touch with our customer service team. We can also offer demonstrations of each of these prams virtually or in-store.

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