The Nattou Story

The Nattou Story

Nattou cuddly toys give your little one the trust, security and comfort they need in the crucial early stages of their growth and development.

The Nattou difference

Most soft toys are developed around baby's cognitive and sensory development, but a newborn's needs are different. Nattou toys are unique in offering emotional support factors like comfort & security that is critical from day one

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01Designed by infant development specialists

Every Nattou creation is designed to handle the joy and excitement your baby is sure to bring! And designs are all colourful and engaging, following the suggestions of recent research, to help capture your baby’s interest!

02Comfort & Support

A newborn's critical needs are emotional support, comfort & security. Nattou's range is unique in offering solutions which meet all 3 critical needs

03Quality, Safety, Softness

Fabrics and materials are selected for softness, safety, and durability, so every Nattou creation can handle the joy and excitement your baby is sure to bring!

04Established over 30 years

Since 1988, Nattou has been designing and producing playful little friends. Our soft and durable materials create an enchanting environment for your little one, all up to the highest standards of quality and safety