Baby Rest

The Anstel Story

A family business for families

We’ve come a long way since our start-up origins back in 1976.

Started by Alan Millott, our story follows the tried and true journey of most new businesses. You know – family wagon as the “distribution channel”, home garage as the “goods warehouse” and man leaving behind secure job to follow a “vision”. 

In our case, the vision was to become a reliable merchant of handpicked, premium quality baby products for parents and parents to be.   All for the wellbeing of his family. 

Over the last 40 plus years, we’ve brought together a global team of people, brands and businesses with shared values and common goals and grown into a professional distribution partner in the baby products industry.

We now have a national warehouse and distribution centre based in Melbourne; the family wagon has been long retired in favour for a fast and reliable delivery service across Australia and New Zealand and our portfolio of handpicked, quality products fill the shelves of our Australian and international stockists. 

But we’re still a family business.

You see Alan handed the reigns of the business to his son Warren in 1999 and since Warren’s own family (the third generation) started filling the ranks. 

And our caring family vision remains the same.

But today our vision extends well beyond our own family, to the support and wellbeing of other growing families.  

We aim to bring together beautifully designed baby products with quality conscious parents so they can take great joy and pride in their parenting experience. 

It’s why we’re deeply committed to partnering with businesses that share our values and goals.  

It’s a family legacy that keeps on growing.  We have Alan to thank for that. 

Baby Rest