Joolz Spring Showcase

Sydney’s first ever pram cat walk was held at the light filled Blue Rooms on the shorefront of Bondi beach Thursday 15 of November. As guests arrived, they were welcomed to complimentary breakfast food and beverages. Hosted by model mum Kendal Schuler the Joolz spring showcase highlighted the 3 Joolz prams with a catwalk presenting each model's positively designed features.

Kendal Shuler, Krystal Hipwell, Siannon Pallister & Phoebe Ghorayeb all attended the event with their small children and showcased The Hub, Day2 and Geo2 to industry leaders, media, influencers and consumers. Joolz experts were there and helped to answer any questions and demo the features of all Joolz models.

Kendal went on to introduce the runway and our three ‘model’ influencers who were individually welcomed onto the catwalk. One at a time, the new mums walked the runway sporting each of the Joolz models with their small children within the pram. The MC, Kendal, talked the guests through each pram’s offering as they strutted the S-shaped platform which weaved throughout the room. A spectacular balloon explosion was then activated to symbolise the finale and end of the catwalk production. The event was like no other catwalk, fun-filled where children’s laughter filled the room to help create a joy-filled atmosphere.

Attendees had to the opportunity to chat all things parenting with our 4 Joolz ambassadors. To keep the little ones busy, A corner of the room was dedicated, filled with toys and activities from European toy brand Nattou.  Children could play and engage with the beautiful characters from Nattou.

The Joolz spring showcase was a celebration of positive design and parenting. IT was an exciting opportunity to present the range of Joolz to media, influencers and consumers alike.

Check out the highlights from our great event here. 


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